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Playing Host Soon? Your Guide To The Easiest Make-At-Home Cocktails

While hosting the perfect gathering requires top-notch arrangements with entertaining games, delicious food and more - this season calls for something even cooler - rejuvenating cocktails that you and your friends can recreate & enjoy on a hot summer’s day. Read on for some soothing cocktail recipes that are
sure to be a hit for your next at-home party and get-togethers.

15 Jun 23
Setting the 'bar' high

The Gin & Jam Cocktail - Perfect For Summer Days

Starting with the easiest and quickest cooler for a refreshing kick to beat the heat. The classic gin & jam recipe uses easily available ingredients (literally that are lying in your fridge). This mix comprises tanginess of lemon, fruity flavours of jam with a punch of gin. You can adjust the level of sweetness with the amount of jam. Also, you can also switch up the flavours with seasonal fruit jams like raspberry, blackberry, apricot and even fig.


Ice cubes


Strawberry Jam

Lime juice

Sugar Syrup (optional)

Mint leaves to garnish


Shake all the ingredients together in a cocktail shaker (or you can go old school with an empty jam jar like seen in the video). Grab a rock glass, fill it up with ice cubes, strain the concoction over and garnish it with fresh mint leaves.

Cardamom Rose Cocktail - Perfect For Celebrations

Next we have the wow blend of rich, intense flavours. This rose-infused drink with a hint of
spice makes an ideal conversation-starter, perfect for mingling and celebrations.


Cardamom pods


Lime juice

Rose syrup

Ice cubes

Mint leaves & sliced cucumbers to garnish


Add a few crushed cardamom pods in a cocktail shaker (you can toast it on a dry pan for a few minutes if you want the spice to kick in stronger). Shake it vigorously with the rest of the ingredients.
For presentation, rim the glass with a lemon wedge and sprinkle some black salt onto it. Now add more ice to the glass, pour the mix and add some sliced cucumbers with fresh mint leaves to finish it off.
P.S.: Skip the cucumbers and mint leaves for a fancier garnish - rose petals.

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Madras Cocktail - Perfect For Relaxed Dates

We saved you the fruitiest one for those special dates! With the simplest ingredients, you can flaunt your mixologist skills by making this refreshing drink for your better half. Or even better, stir up some fun with him/her by making this cocktail together.


Ice cubes or crushed ice


Cranberry juice

Orange juice

A slice of lime to garnish


Add vodka to a glass filled with ice, following it with cranberry and orange juice. Stir together, with all your love, and serve it with a fresh slice of lime.

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