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Sunset Boulevard: Your Ultimate Summer Capsule Part 1

07 May 24

Golden Hour Glow: Introducing Sunset Boulevard - Part 1
Close your eyes and imagine the sky ablaze with fiery oranges, gleaming yellows, and soft pinks as the sun bids adieu for the day. Whether you're perched on a rooftop or nestled on a sandy shore, there's something undeniably captivating about witnessing a breathtaking sunset. It's this enchanting scene that inspired us to capture the essence of leisure and luxury in our latest summer capsule. Introducing you to Part 1 of our premium collection, infused with the mesmerizing beauty of a sunset—Sunset Boulevard.
Lime Dobby Collared Top

Get Sun-Bathed

Imagine the soft, warm glow of the sun as it dips below the horizon, casting a golden hue over everything it touches. That's the essence of our Lime Dobby Collared Top. Crafted from lightweight, airy fabric in a vibrant lime shade, this top is what everyone calls effortless elegance. The delicate dobby detailing adds texture and depth, reminiscent of the sun's gentle rays. 

How are we styling it this summer?

Pair it with high-waisted shorts and strappy sandals for a breezy daytime look, or layer it under a linen blazer for a sophisticated evening ensemble.

Get Sun-Drenched

Picture yourself surrounded by palm trees swaying gently in the warm breeze. That's what wearing our Like Dobby Gathered Neck Top feels like. With its relaxed silhouette and gathered neckline, this top captures the laid-back glamour of summer evenings spent by the beach. 

How are we styling it this summer?

Pair it with linen trousers and espadrille wedges for a resort-inspired look that's perfect for sunset cocktails or a romantic dinner by the sea.

Lime Dobby Tiered Dress

Get Sun-Kissed

Basking in the glow of a sunset soirée or exploring the city streets on a warm summer night. That's what we pictured our Lime Dobby Tiered Dress for. With its flowy silhouette and tiered skirt, this dress embodies the ethereal beauty of a summer sunset. While the hue adds a playful twist, the dobby fabric lends a touch of whimsy. 

How are we styling it this summer?

Slip into this dress for an evening soirée under the stars, pairing it with delicate gold jewels and metallic heels for a glamorous look that's sure to turn heads.

Part 2 coming real soon!

Incorporate these captivating pieces into your wardrobe, and let the allure of Sunset Boulevard's dreamy sunsets accompany you wherever your summer adventures may lead. Stay tuned for Part 2, where we'll unveil three more sunset-inspired styles to complete your dreamiest summer wardrobe.

Shop The Sunset Boulevard - Part 1 here.